I am sort of bending the rules of the BannerBooks-Cooperative.com as this new release is still waiting for a compleation of the last chapter, which will explain the details of income from the sale of my Nepheline Syenite property [https://miningmagazines.com] which then will flow-through to an upgrade in the book printing process. After all, the rule of thumb to make a small fortune in book publishing — is to start with a large one.

The $1, only, donation also is the price tag of a workaround via a secure PayPal method to establish private "address book to address book" links so that e-mail does not get divertied to the ethoes. And, is safe from prying eyes of those who somehow enjoy tossing a monkey wrench into the cogwheels of U.S. businesses — mining, or media.

A Sample Chapter of Adventures that led along a wild and winding trail.
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