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A ‘Journal of Discovery’ of a family clip-clopping 2,500 miles, horseback, from Mexico to Canada, pioneering the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail in 1969-1970. As published by freelance magazine photographer/ writer Barry Murray right out of his seven pages of text and photos in LIFE, and five pages in Holiday Magazine. And, et cetera as down to Scope of South Africa, back up again to the Washington Grange Magazine.

Search For A Shadow ... of the past, was first published as CD serial chapters traveling north across,, and, which generated this anonymous review, which still can be found by on line search:

"For those who haven't read this online....DO! It's a engrossing story that I couldn't stop reading. As I went along, I (a non-horse-person) became increasingly intrigued by the courage and endurance of the horses. Note in particular the moment when they were ascending from Milk Creek beyond Fire Creek Pass where a huge boulder had blocked the switchbacks. All horses got by except one, which fell below the trail.. It got up, regained the trail, and CRAWLED over the boulder in order to catch up with the others. Neat story."

The latest revision, not supported by HTML advertising, and taking advantage of the upgrading of software, and delivery options to combine quality remastered copyright protected photographs, facing a 500 year standard of vertical recto-page typography, was a chance to show, as a recent DNA sample suggested that perhaps a "genetic memory" was the reason the Murray's pioneered the Pacific Crest Trail. The family tree revealed the answer to a "Why" for a personal involvement in just about every historic named 'horse trail' of an young United States, from sea to sea. As: The Cumberland Gap; Nachese Trace; The Santa Fe ; both of the Texas cattle drive ways ; The Oregon Trail (first wagon-master), and the Applegate of the California ; and The Chilkoot Pass to the Klondike flowing into the Yukon River, which before it disappears into Barry Murray's Paddle To The Sea that also is scheduled be published by ShadowCatcher Press.

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