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An update to the previous CODE':' Yellow Chrysanthemum as advertised by BannerBooks.com
and others. This revision to CODE "-" Yellow Chrysanthemum came was released on Pearl Harbor's 75th memorial anniversary when new information was cleared for public disclosure, and is now available for e-book release in an E-FGHI Book (fixed graphics) on-screen reading as demonstrated by clicking the sample chapter cover, above. 

At the moment this locked for your protection BannerBooks fixed graphics page E-Book
may be downloaded direct from the publisher, Shadowcatcher Press, a member of the
BannerBooks CO-OP, for $5.00 paid through a super secure PayPal transaction that is actually shared with the author/publisher:

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REVIEWS from Banner Book Purchaser's and CO-OP Peer Reviews
as shown below, or other e-mailed thoughts you may wish to share:

, a Amazon verified purchaser of the Code: edition, 4.5 stars:

"What a fun ride. Written by a fantastic storyteller in a style that Louis L'Amour fans will love.
He's obviously "been there and done that" and writes in a way that puts you there. He paints a picture for you with his words and makes his characters seem like old friends.
Enough historical fact to keep history buffs interested, enough conspiracy theory to make you wonder and a knowledge of the land he takes you through that makes you feel as if you're there."

Carole Sue Taylor
Kindle Edition|Verified Purchaser of the Code: edition,4 stars:

"Plenty of action and color in this unraveling of the Pearl Harbor attack conspiracy, along with a good, old-fashioned love story. Lots of local color of settings ranging from the Alaska to Panama. Characters one can't help but like and lots of interesting stuff about horses, anthropology, etc. A really enjoyable read I couldn't put down."

And to be absolutely fair in reporting bonafide book reviews other than "Good read," or a "You won't be sorry spending $5.00 downloading this book" we also need to mention a review found in an unauthorized by the author UK "free" library found by Googling "Code:YellowChrysanthemum".

William Piper Kindle Edition|Verified Purchaser of ?? in a "Top Customer Reviews" 1 star rating:

"Not at all what I expected , [sic] dull and totally uninteresting, in short. rubbish!"

A response from the author:

"Thank you William Piper, who obviously is a flaming twitt of an Englishman for his use of "rubbish", for his encouragement in bringing me back to Scotland to do a sequel of Jedidiah's son, again on horseback, stumbling upon the answer to Hitler's WW2 peace attempt in encouraging Lord Haw Haw peerage traitors to betray "God and Country".

However, since "Piper" is a bastard sept of the Murray Clan, let me buy you a wee pint to discuss, before publishing, what I should do about my problem of being dull and uninteresting.

Sorry, ye were disappointed. I would gladly refund any money this frugal Scottish-American stuffed into his sporran, but alas there was none from you. Unfair, Sir. So, I guess it is still up to you to "get stuffing."

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