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FREE Search For A Shadow Of The Past: The true and exciting adventure of the Murray family's 2500 mile horse-packing trip, pioneering the Pacific Crest Trail, from Mexico to Canada.
FREE Chilkoot To The Sea: The Murray family (of Search For A Shadow Of The Past fame.) is off on another adventure of a lifetime. This time to follow the Trail of '98, the Klondike Gold Rush. They climb the Chilkoot pass then with folding kayaks, travel the full length (2000 miles) of the Yukon River to the Bering Sea. This is brought to you by our sister publication
FREE Taffy Neighborhood: A delightful childrens story of Taffy, the border collie's adventures in her own neighborhood. Created in a very different format combining drawings and photos.
FREE Minor Miner: Author Barry Murray started his mining career as the 16 year old son of the the wests leading mining attorney sent as a minor miner to the Moab Utah uranium boom during the cold war.
E-BOOK Code: Yellow Chrysanthemum: A thrilling World War II spy adventure novel. This one really gets you thinking! What really happened at Pearl Harbor?
E-BOOK I Want a Horse: A re-print of a classic book for anyone wanting to buy their first horse, complete with a printable check list to take with you when looking for a horse to buy.
placer examination
Principles and Practice

Are you struggling under the recession? Go find Gold! This book will help you. A rare field guide book “... prepared specifically for use by the Bureau of Land Management personnel” to evaluate gold placer mining operations, with the hope that it would be “useful to the mining profession.”

Long time prospector Barry Murray has annotated this useful book with his 'insider' prospector little known facts.
Find out how to purchase your copy HERE
(Editors note: Order your book now and we are adding an "extra value" gift that will be of great value to your search for "the yellow stuff".)


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